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South East Europe Meetings Industry Association



You represent a Hotel, a Congress centre or Venue, an Agency or an Airline company?
Your Hotel is suitable for business people? It has conference capacities and meeting rooms?
Your Agency organizes events? Team buildings?
It takes delegates to international congresses and conferences?

You are in the right place!




Join South East Europe Meetings Industry Association!

Kongresni Turizam
SEEmice    /    Meeting industry catalogue SEEmice 2012
SEEbtm magazine SEEbtm magazine / SEE Business Travel and Meetings magazine, specialized for business travel and event organization
SEEbtm Party   /   Regional event for meeting industry “SEEbtm Party”


Why to become a member?

Your Hotel, Congress centre or Venue, Agency or Airline company will be presented on regional specialized internet portals and That provides, at one side, marketing promotion of your company, and direct sale of your services at another.

Marketing promotion. Visitors to the portal (companies and organizations) who are planning events and looking for a venue or service will have an opportunity to find a detailed presentation of your Company on the portals and, by them, to be fully informed about services that you offer. The presentation contains Company’s direct contacts, through which buyers can get more information and send a request for proposal directly to the Company. RFPs could be sent also directly via RFP form on the presentation.


Direct sale of your services. As Association, we provide support to companies and organizations (event planners) that are planning their events, who directly communicating with us. They use our services (analysis of their needs, market knowledge and proposal of solutions) in order to make it easier and faster communication with You, our members, precisely, suppliers that are in the system.

In this way, by joining the Association, in addition to the aforementioned marketing effect, you can expect requests by us on behalf of companies and organizations, when your company preliminarily meets their criteria.
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How to become a member and present your capacity and services?

You need to choose one of the annual packages, and we are available for discussions and a detailed description of each of them individual.
The aim is to present yourself with a package that is the most suitable for your capacities and services, and of course, needs and goals.

Below you can find preview of packages:


(package No 1)
on-line presentation:
PRICE: €653 for 12 months


Premium (package No 2)
on-line presentation:
+ banner at a sub-page;
print presentation: ½ page ad
in one issue of SEEbtm magazine
PRICE: €2,210 for 12 months


Premium Plus (package No 3)
on-line presentation:
+ banner at home page;
print presentation:
1/1 page ad in one issue of
SEEbtm magazine
PRICE: €3,510 for 12 months

The Best Solutions team is at your disposal. On the contact page you can find out how to contact us.

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