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To make money.
Beside that, The Best Solutions, as South East Europe Meetings Industry Association, was founded 2006, with aim to unite and develop the meetings industry of the South East Europe region – including Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Romania, FY Macedonia, Albania.

WHAT WE HAVE MADE AND DEVELOPED and were initiated 2006, as a first online database for event solutions for South East Europe. Today, after 9 years, they are still unique.


SEEbtm magazine (SEE Business travel & meetings) – a specialized magazine for business travel and meetings industry of South-Eastern Europe, was launched in late 2009. As the first regional magazine dedicated to the business and congress tourism and event management, whose research, interviews, news, trends, practices, and other topics represented in all the countries of South-Eastern Europe, attracts the attention with each issue, offers knowledge and experience exchange, and has the influence on development of the meetings industry in the region.


SEEbtm Party – gathering of meetings industry of South-Eastern Europe in one place (general managers and representatives of the hotels, agencies, venues, tourism organizations, as well as the event planners). SEEbtm party was held first time in Belgrade, in February 2010. For four years in a row, this event is a synonym for networking of professionals in congress and business tourism in the region, with good fun and fellowship in a great atmosphere. - as the on-line version of the SEE Business travel & meetings magazine, was launched in October 2010. Research and educational articles, related to meeting industry and business travel, trends, expert opinions, positive practices, new and renovated congress facilities, interesting news. Then, an events calendar of relevant congresses and conferences, and much more there is to this unique portal. As such, the portal is the largest on-line knowledge and information base in the field of meetings industry and business travels for the region of South-Eastern Europe.
International meetings industry exhibitions – presentation of the South-Eastern Europe region as a meeting industry destination, at the most important international exhibitions, since 2007 at EIBTM in Barcelona, since 2008 at IMEX in Frankfurt, and since 2011 at IMEX America.


SEEmice – first printed business travel guide for destinations, hotels, venues and service providers from South-Eastern Europe, was published in 2008. Shortly after, due to great interest, filled edition was published in 2009. After 5 annual issues, SEEmice guide was successfully positioned and distributed to event organizers in the region and beyond.