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  • Central Macedonia
  • Eastern Macedonia
  • Western Macedonia

Central Macedonia

Central Macedonia is a region along the Vardar River and it includes the country's capital and largest city, Skopje.
Old Skopje Bazaar, Porta Macedonia, Stone Bridge and many more sights attracts tourists in Skopje.

Eastern Macedonia

Eastern Macedonia is a region that is famous among fans of the history for the oldest city in this country, and this is the city Stip.
Beside city of Stip, the most famous cities in the region are Kumanovo and Strumica. Kumanovo is the third largest city in Macedonia, which was named after the Turkic tribe Cumans who settled in the territory of the city in the period between the XII and XIII century. Stip is also a significant cultural center of Macedonia. Stip it was first mentioned as Astibo in I century.
Strumica is the largest city in eastern Macedonia and it was named after the Strumica River which runs through it.

Western Macedonia

Western Macedonia is a region west of the mountain range Jakupica (Thessaloniki head), from Raecke River and Selecki mountain. In the west extends to the border with Albania, on the south to the border with Greece and the north to the border with Serbia in the Kosovo region.
Western Macedonia is characterized by a particular cultural, linguistic and dialectical and historical characteristics.

About country

Macedonia is one of the European countries whose tourism potential has not been fully uncovered and used. In addition to natural resources, Macedonia is a country with rich cultural and historical heritage.
Macedonia is located in southeastern Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula. Macedonia borders by Serbia and the disputed region of Kosovo to the north, Albania to the west, Bulgaria to the east and Greece to the south.

Congress capacity

Macedonia rising potential creates an increasing interest of clients for realization of their congresses, conferences and seminars at this destination. Macedonia is one of the destinations in Europe which is perfect for congress tourism, having Skopje and Ohrid the two most attractive cities for this purpose, easily reachable from any city in Europe. The services offered in Macedonia for this type of tourism cost only a fraction of what large scale events cost to be organized in the established Western European centers. The rich cultural heritage, peoples hospitality, and the modern hotels and multipurpose business facilities make Macedonia an attractive yet accessible destination for conference tourism.
The city of Skopje and Ohrid Lake are ideal locations for seminars, conventions, conferences and other events in Macedonia.

Largest congress capacity

Skopje Fair / Skopje, Macedonia / Number of conference rooms: 4 / The capacity of the biggest conference room: 2,346 seats

Total capacity

The total accommodation capacities per hotel category (5, 4, 3 and 2 stars) for this destinations are shown in the following table:

Hotels 13 41 68 53

International congresses and conferences

2nd Congress of the Macedonian Orthodontic Society, 2012, Skpoje (200 delegates)
5th Conference on Water, Climate and Enviroment - BALWOIS, 2012, Ohrid
7th Conference of Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Enviroment systems - SDEWES, 2012, Ohrid

International fairs

3th International Tourism Fair, 25th -27th April 2013, Skopski saem, Skopje
10th International Fair of Construction, Buildings Materials and Construction Mechanization, 5th - 9th March 2013, Skopski saem, Skopje
25th International Book Fair, 9th - 15th 2013, Skopski saem, Skopje
3th International Wine Fest, 15th -17th May 2013, Skopski saem, Skopje
39th International Fair of Metallurgy, Electronics, Energy, Non-Materials and Consturctions - TEHNOMA, 15th - 19th October 2013, Skopski saem, Skopje
11th International Trade Fair of Finance and Business Opportunities- FINEXPO, 4th - 5th December 2013, Skopski saem, Skopje

ICCA statistics report

Statistic report of International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA).

2010 2011 2012 2013
Rank 82 85 99 79
Number of international congresses 7 8 6 15

Must See
Stobi is one of the most famous archaeological sites in Macedonia, where were discovered the remains of buildings dating from the 4th to 6th century, such as basilicas, palaces and floor mosaics.
Ohrid Lake
Ohrid Lake is one of the deepest and oldest lakes in Europe, called treasury funds by UNESCO. Its coasts were inhabited since prehistoric times, and today is the most visited tourist destination in Macedonia.
Old Skopje Bazaar
Old Skopje Bazaar is the largest bazaar in the Balkans outside Istanbul and is located in Skopje. It is the economic, cultural and historical part of Skopje and one of the biggest attractions of the city.
Ancient theater
Ancient theater is located in the old part of the city. It dates from ancient times and age about 2,000 years ago. During the Roman conquest was used for gladiator fights. Today it is used for cultural events, concerts and theater performances.
Monastery of St. Naum
Monastery of St. Naum is one of the most important monasteries in Macedonia, built in 895. The monastery is located in the beautiful surroundings and is one of the favorite places for tourists.
Stone Bridge
Stone Bridge is considered for a symbol of Skopje and is the main element of the coat of arms of the city. Bridge is also less frequently known as the Dusan׳s Bridge.
Skopje Fortress
Skopje Fortress was built in 6th century and and it is also known as Kale Fortress. Fortress was reconstructed several times.
Millennium Cross
The Millennium Cross is impressive attractions of Skopje, which is located on top of mountain Vodno. The cross was built in 2002, and is 66m high and visible from a distance of more than 30km.
Porta Macedonia
Porta Macedonia is a triumphal arch located on Pella Square which was built in 2012. It is work of Valentina Stefanovski and its 21m high.

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