Genelex agency

Adresa: Kraljevica Marka 25

Mesto: Novi Sad

Poštanski broj: 21000

Država Serbia

Telefon +381 21 310 63 37

Telefon +381 21 47 22 492

Telefon +381 65 436 35 39

O nama

Genelex has over 10 years of experience in business and tourist transfers from Novi Sad to Belgrade and Nikola Tesla Airport. The Agency performs the transfers at the request of the client, both in country and abroad, with comfortable cars and cargo vans.

The vehicles are air-conditioned and equipped with GPS navigation and Wi-Fi internet access, so that all customers can communicate and conduct business while traveling. Drivers speak Serbian and English. It is possible to pay for services in the vehicles by means of cards VISA MASTER MAESTRO.

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GPS Koordinate

Genelex agency se nalazi prema GPS koordinatama na:

45.2612477000 (Širine / Latitude)
19.8356525000 (Dužine / Longitude)

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